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Renata Machado

“I found out about you whilst doing some research on the internet for my vacation in London. It was amazing to meet you and learn from you! You helped me improve my techniques in a way that I couldn’t imagine. You helped me to understand so much about my career and all the things that are involved in the makeup world. You have a natural way to teach, you were born for this and today I feel so confident about all things I learnt. Thanks for being my tutor, friend and inspiration! Big hugs from Brazil!”

Evelina Apanel

“I would love to say thank you to my teacher Margo who gave me opportunity to grow not just by teaching new techniques but also putting faith in me.”

Katie Wilton

” I have extremely enjoyed this course, I would strongly recommend this course as I have learnt many new and exciting techniques and now have some professional photo’s for my portfolio. Margo is a great teacher who is very encouraging and supportive. She genuinely cares about her students and wants to see them
succeed in the industry. You not only learn how to apply make-up but you also gain knowledge of how the industry works and other tips from her many years of experience as a successful make-up artist. By doing this course I have become much more confident and feel ready to go out there and work.”

Charlotte Trendell

“The Makeup industry is notoriously competitive and difficult to break into, so to have such an experienced Makeup Artist as yourself whom has already broken the mould to mentor and guide me on my journey, is a true blessing. You have opened many a door for me since I finished the course, including recently an
opportunity to work on a music video for an upcoming Indie band. I can’t thank you enough for continually supporting me with my ambitions to become a successful Makeup Artist.”

Aneta Flieger

“Margo – you have opened the door for me to start my career as a make up artist, providing me with several job opportunities, including the L’Oreal competition. I feel lucky to have had an exceptionally talented make up artist like you as my teacher. Thank you for passing on your skills, tips and creativity but most of all
for being a wonderful person. I enjoyed every class and learned so much and would highly recommend you to anyone looking to learn to become a professional MUA.”

Ruth Campbell

“I am glad that I chose to study at Make Up Atelier it has been a great experience and I have learnt so much. Not only have my make up skills improved considerably but I have gained valuable knowledge of the industry. Margo is an excellent teacher and she really cares about her students progressing once they have finished their training. The school has sent me on various fashion photo shoots which have all been great work experience opportunities and I have gotten fantastic photos for my portfolio. I couldn’t believe it when I was sent on a celebrity photo shoot to work on ex footballer and tv personality Tim Lovejoy. I got to work independently with my first celebrity client as well as with a great photographer, stylist and camera crew. This school has given me the confidence to go out and work as a make up artist”

Charlotte Trendell

“Margo was clearly born to teach – her patience, exceptional talent, creativity and willingness to pass on her skills and nurture the
best out of her students make her classes both fun and invaluable. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to work with Margo and can highly recommend her to any future budding makeup artist.”

Veronique Ebolo

“Your work is fantastic, excellent just fab. You are my inspiration. I am proud to have had you as one of my teachers. Thank you.”

Maria Tuku

“Margo is a true perfectionist and strives for the whole class to work to a high standard. I was taught by the best and because of Margo I am able to work confidently and professionally at any project. Margo thank you for being a great tutor and always pushing me to work at a high standard.”